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Phone Number:1 (888) 638-3549

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Score 2.5
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MPS & Comments

How come u stream at such a slow speed .2 or .3 mps. I have to pause for 10 minutes just to buffer enough for 2 or 3 minutes of viewing time. Hard to get through a movie at that rate. Why are the comments on your site all fromm 2013. As stale as your streaming speed is sloooooow.

-by (Jul. 22, 2014)


I wanted to bring to your attention my recent experiences. I have been receiving an unacceptable number of visibly cracked, damaged, and unplayable discs. In the case of several discs, I returned them 3 or 4 times. This appears to be a breakdown in quality control. I enjoy the Netflix mail-to-customer option, as I am not a "streamer", but it is most disappointing to insert a disc and hold one's breath wondering if it will play or not. Sincerely, Lori McMahon

-by (Oct. 20, 2013)

"Free Trial"

Beware. This is not a free trial. After a month the charge kicks in and it is impossible to cancel if you have lost the password..... I get a new password, but they ask for my credit card details again........So I have to sign up in order to cancel??????????

We never used the service even for the trial period and I keep getting a charge on my card. A free trial should be just that and not a scam!

-by (Sep. 6, 2013)


Netflix movies I was able to watch on my laptop, so no need for the old fashion TV.

-by (Jun. 11, 2013)


Variety of moves great to watch.

-by (Jun. 5, 2013)

refunds for services never accsessed

i have spoken to four people at the customer service call center!! they said they were not able to give my money back for a service i never used!! didn't even realize that i paid $184. for a service never used!! this company is rated at only 2 stars!!! i'm sure if there were negative ratings you would be at the top of the list!! shame on you!!!....

-by (Jan. 11, 2013)