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Phone Number:1 (650) 623-4000

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Score 2.9
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Reviews For Google Customer Service (14)

Problem Texting

When I go to text someone I get a error (google search has stopped). This will not let me text a message. Thanks

-by (Jan. 11, 2016)

There is no "Live" help from google and their recordings s----

you have got to be kidding!! This number gives you a recording to call another number. Thanks for all the HELP - -NOT

-by (Dec. 6, 2015)

Phone numbers for customer service not in service and google not in service

Problem that is not solved by normal instructions/methods. Backup email account not available for changing/recovering account caused by not remembering password. Can not log on to Gmail or facebook accounts. All phone numbers for google customer service apparently are not active.

-by (Aug. 5, 2015)

need to talk to human not recording

im having problems logging in to my account, all your numbers direct me to a recording and website which does not help..

-by (Jul. 23, 2014)

Cannot reach a Google Employee

i am having problems with my account, all numbers send me to a recording and to a web address which is not helpful. I need to talk to a person

-by (Jul. 23, 2014)

poor service

customer service sucks over 4 hrs on hold yesterday 3 hrs today and 1.5 so far 2and try with out any answer to try to fix a problem google created

-by (Jul. 4, 2014)


Way to long to get someone on the phone come on google hire someone

-by (Jun. 20, 2014)

unbelievalbly bad

I have been waiting over 3 hours for someone in customer service to pick up and help me. If you are someone who is not adept on the computer and need someone one to help you I strongly recommend that you stay far away from google.

-by (May. 28, 2014)


The research tools are very accurate and it loads fast.

-by (Dec. 1, 2013)

google maps google translate

I found it the greatest help ,especially I don't know too much about computer. It is the most easy way for me to learn English , and I can go to some new places where I had never been. Thank you very much ! Google!

-by (Nov. 28, 2013)

The worst service

I have ordered Nexus phone from Google. They did not ship it in time. I have called service, but they had no idea what happens with my order, and promised to investigate to involve "Shipping specialist". 48 hours later nobody contacted me. I called support again, they still had no idea, and promise to involve " the highest level of shiping specialist". Well, I still wait for this specialist.

I wonder, how Google succeded to create such useless customer support service ?

-by (Jul. 1, 2013)

Very decent

Surprisingly not too bad of a wait..they totally fixed my problem

-by (Jun. 11, 2013)


Good way to find out what you looking for, where you want to go. I recommend people to use google. iIt has useful information.

-by (Jun. 5, 2013)

discrimination against dexterity challenged

I have been trying to do work or just log-in. This is quite frustrating when your web pages on multiple Google sites do not accept my passwords or other log-in information.I am Double+"unpleased after many hours of trying!Thank You!

-by (Feb. 15, 2013)