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I am so glad I found this, I would like to echo the above review. I put money on my friend's "VIB" card on Baby's R US's website. It was the first thing that came up on her registry. But that is Baby's R US's thing - not HERs. She never signed up for it and never received the $50 electronically or in the mail. I am currently on my 38th minute on hold. I keep getting customer service representatives who say, "we do not handle that department, but I can transfer you to a specialist who does." This has happened 3 times in this call. The last lady said that the other reps must be "putting my call back in the queue, but she is is not going to do that - she is going to send me to the right place." And here I am am listening to the same elevator music. Just be warned if you are registering with Baby's R Us, that you might have "VIB" funds that have been added to your account by guests.

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