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Phone Number:1 (800) 999-1009

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Score 3.2
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I am writing to tell you that I have had my Honda Pilot since 2004. I have been the only owner of this car. For the first time since I have had my car, I went out to the parking deck at my job, and the car was dead. The car needed a new battery. With 252000 miles on this car, this is the first time it has left me stranded. Thank you Honda

-by (Jun. 3, 2013)


I don't know if Honda World has been contact you to inform that my Honda Odyssey has holes in the pipes reach to the rear of cooling system. Coolant leaks from these holes. My mechanic states that Honda should recall and fix all problem b/c my car overheat on freeway while coolant leak out all. I was notified the dealer regarding the steering powder, now it time for coolant system. Luckily, it happen before I on vacation for 3000 miles driving.

-by (Apr. 22, 2013)