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Phone Number:(717) 751-0714

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Score 1.2
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worst web site

I had coupons for Elder-beerman so I thought save a trip to town, shop online. Big mistake. Worst website to shop on. After two hours all I got was irritated. Now I have to go shopping. Called customer service, no help. Never again. Elder-beerman was my favorite store and I don't even know if I can shop there I am so irritated.

-by (Dec. 16, 2014)

Won't send my order

They sent a person's order from another state to me. I have been trying to get someone from customer service from over four phone calls and 1 e-mail to send me a paid UPS label to return it. They haven't done so yet and claim I received my order, which I haven't. They are investigating this matter and will get back to me in 30 days. I have already spent two weeks trying to just get a mailing label from them. It's their mistake and yet I am being punished, and so is the woman whose order I received. Hope it's not a Christmas present like the things I ordered, for at this rate she will not get it in time. NEVER EVER doing business with this company again!

-by (Nov. 30, 2012)


Just hung up from calling to close my parents EB account. My mother passed away, and I am trying to take care of her accounts. No balance was owed. But new cards just came and I wanted to make sure the account was closed. The snippy little girl that I was finally able to reach, spoke too fast to understand, and obviously wanted to be anywhere else than talking to customers. Having made lots of these calls inthe last few days, this was the only time someone did not offer condolences when I told them my mother had passed away. Even if it not sincere, you should expect some response. I migh as well told this girl that my car was grey. That's the reaction I got. But, apparently that is the company response, since she is in the position to represent Elder Beerman. What a shame. I will certainly share this experience with al our family and friends who knew my mother. And I feel that my Facebook friends should be aware of what a horrible attitude your company has. I can only hope your failure comes soon, to make way for more enlightened, customer centric business to thrive.

-by (Oct. 16, 2012)