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Worse ever

I paid for quick ship and did not receive on the date i paid for, i received it two days later. The made no refund or way to make it right. ups for now on

-by (Jun. 5, 2013)


I am a black women who have a disability and your drivers keep leaving packages that should not be left in front of my door and they continue to do so. I have a disability and need to be able to enter my apartment which is on the first floor. your drivers enters the building and see the notice posted and still continue to ignore the notices. I am contacting the bbb until this issue is resolved and if that does not work I will file a legal claim against fedex until you train your drivers to respect women and not harass us. i am an advocate with this community and no all the elective officials and i am a licence investigator. make this stop or contact your legal team.

-by (May. 22, 2013)

non delivery

had check coming in for product sold, tracking said that it was refused by recipient, when I called in I was told they attempted delivery about 9:15 this morning. I was setting here at computer from 7:45 until 12.50 when I drove 3 blocks to post office and back, computer is 10 feet from front door and I have a Pomeranian pup . nuf said. LOL Never came near my house. called in said would call me in 2 hours and let me know when they would deliver. We will see . This is the 4th or 5th time this has happened, I now recommend UPS or USPS to buyers but some do not listen

-by (May. 20, 2013)

What a JOKE

Company in twin cities used Fed Ex to ship to me a computer etc i had purchased. Fed Ex left the packages in the hall of an apartment building across the street. I was home at the time so there was no reason to even leave anythign anywhere but with ME at MY address. It jsut so happens, it ened up with a guy who admitted to another tenant that he had just received a computer and a shit load of other things that he intended to keep since Fed Ex had delivered it to him. I went to the manager of his apt bldg and she too knew he had it but could not prove it so i threatened several times to him, i would call police and press charges of mail theft. I called Fed Ex and they sent the delivery man who had left it all thre in the first place. He came and took the apt guy to the side and offered him 300 dollars for all the stuff he had, and the guy went for it, just before the police arrived. It took a great deal of talking before he would even give any of it to the police and when he finally did, they didn't arrest him or even do anything about it. The Fed Ex man, appologized and went on hi sway too. He had told me that he thought he had left the packages with the manager at the managers office , and he knew it was not even my apt. bldg. Just easier since he had another delivery to that apt bldg. Fed Ex leaves packages anywhere they want to and does not even ask or require a signature from whoever they leave it with. What a JOKE . I have heard many stories of how bad Fed EX is just in my own town. I would never use Fed EX and wish that those i make purchases from would stop using it too. We have benn expecting a packeage here today all day, as has suppose to be delivered and it is 8pm still no package...Maybe he left it oo with a neighbor somewhere across town. Fed Ex carriers know they can get away with anything too. They go on breaks every ten minutes, go bowling, and sit in coffe shops all day....Where their deliveries go, is a good question when they do this. I heard they just leave it all in the truck and then drop it all off the next day anywhere close to the address so they can say they delivered it on time. Ohhh they have known little tricks i have heard about....

-by (Apr. 16, 2013)

Very bad service

I have had many packages left at other people homes. But today a very important package was misplaced and my husband walked down the street to find our package. Had someone got it our VIP tickets would not have been returned I'm sure!! And that would have been thousands.... Down the drain! This is a horrible company and perhaps the workers need glasses since they can't seem to locate the correct address that's plain to see if they would take the time. When ever I have a choice in the future I will never use Fed X !! Never

-by (Apr. 12, 2013)

Are these people intentionally trying to be bad?

Delivery for contact lenses ordered online, missed package delivery because I work a normal 9-5 job. Ok, that I can understand... but I live in an 8-apartment privately-owned complex, 2 stories, 4 per floor. PRETTY small... The "Door Tag" was left on my mailbox saying "Need Directions..." Uhhhh, the mailbox is literally 1 and a half feet from the stairs leading to the second story (which I live on). Seriously, they couldn't locate 1 apartment out of 8 total? Pathetic. "Customer Service" was even worse, approx. 25 min to get a person on the phone. Will NEVER order anything online with FedEx delivery ever again.

-by (Apr. 5, 2013)

Missed delivery

Missed being home to sign for package by minutes. Contacted customer support. The voice recognition system was not very good. Punched in "0" for operator and call was answered right away. A little language issues but operator and I worked it out. We don't all speak American. Anyway, she got them to hold the package at local FedEx store for pick up tomorrow.

-by (Apr. 5, 2013)


Person on other line was very rude and apparently could not understand english

-by (Mar. 28, 2013)


I ordered something on line and started to track it on the fed ex site on Saturday they said it will ship in the next business day so i wait and wait!! till Monday now to day is Monday 3:21 pm and my package is still in the vehicle waiting to be shipped in the next bushiness day!!! its still in THE TRUCK! i called and that lady on the phone also said "i wonder why your package isn't moving" there going to call me back!! i thought this was an organized system!! the movie "Cast Away" made a good example of what might happen when you use fedex YOU MIGHT NOT GET YOUR PACKAGE!!!

-by (Mar. 25, 2013)

Fed Ex Is Horrible

Waited all day for delivery. Watched the Fed Ex truck drive right past my house without stopping (which I have video surveillance of). About 5 min. later I received an e-mail showing that my package had been delivered, and left at my front door. The package never arrived. It cost me almost $200 to replace my order. I will be hiring a lawyer to resolve this issue.. more money out of my pocket.

-by (Mar. 14, 2013)

Helpful FedEx Rep.

We just phoned the FedEx Cust. Serv. and spoke with a rep who helped us solve a puzzling issue of how to economically ship an antique cane fishing rod in a safe container. She also took the time to personally speak to our local FedEx office to find out if the container we wanted to use for shipping this fragile item would be acceptable to FedEx. (pvc tube) I regret not remembering her name, because I would like to personally thank her again for the very helpful and polite manner in which she helped us save a lot of time & money. This is why we appreciate FedEx!

-by (Mar. 6, 2013)

Escanaba Driver

Dear FedEx on my way to escanaba on of your driver was on the white line with no lights on when i got close he hit the brake lights and look to start to pull i had to look up my brakes causing me to slide into on coming traffic and finally into the ditch. when i asked him if he had a cell phone to call for help he was rude and very unprofessional also he did not ask if i was ok or if anyone else was ok he didnt wait or help he left me me in the ditch. this accident cause my wheel alignment to be all screwed up im seeking for FedEx to pay for the damage done to my car

-by (Jan. 19, 2013)

Truth or........

Was home all day waiting for package. Saw that it was attempted delivery while my truck was in the driveway and I have been home for hours... and my puppies are in the yard and would have barked either they are less than truthful or just late and want to get home. Or BSing. Paid for priority ...yeah right...

-by (Jan. 3, 2013)

Service connection

Atrocious at best. 42min to get a human on the line. Shut the whole thing down

-by (Dec. 23, 2012)


If I was fedex I would just pull this service it is so bad as to be a joke. Don't even bother just go ship by UPS or Post office

-by (Dec. 19, 2012)

waited over a month to receive a package that was 30 miles away

I was lied to everyday that I callecd, and I would always be told that it would be the next day

-by (Nov. 30, 2012)


What is cannot locate recipient? I was looking forward to my order today. Why couldn't apple ship with UPS.

-by (Nov. 28, 2012)


Pleasant experience dealing with live person in customer service, easy to ditch automated system...

-by (Nov. 8, 2012)


I sent over 20 emails to no avail trying to get some work done at your store #1498 I just called and some rude lady answered and gave me a total attitude. What will it take for me to get some simple work done. Your manager was to have the file done,to no avail as well. Now he is ignoring my calls /emails ???????????????

-by (Oct. 6, 2012)