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We had a terrible stay at Perkins today. To begin with, our waitress keep looking at us even before we told her we were missing a plate, as if she did this on purpose, when she delivered our appetizer; moreover, I was missing my chiken fajitas, which were supposed to be used to hold my chicken (of course), corn, and numerous sauces. When we asked her why there was no fajitas, she told us that they were out of stock! Not even a notice, which would have been fine if it were on an honest mistake, but the manager told us a different reason than the waitress used. The waitress said that they were out of stocking for a month now, Manager said she never knew that they used fajitas in their menu and she has been employed for four months (Waitress has been working for one year and her shift started at 5:00pm on 1/11/13 (we came circa 7:00pm)). After we told the manager some more things, she told us that waitress do not say that the restaurant is out of stock of a specific item after the item has been out of stock for a few months (there was a picture of the plate with the fajita on top inside the menu)!

We were very dissapointed with our service while at this Perkins.

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