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Phone Number:1 (866) 377-6420

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Reviews For Family Dollar Customer Service (22)

bad customer service

The manager there is irresponsible. and noones at the counter half the time.

-by (Jul. 28, 2015)

Bad customer service

Never answers phone or they hang up!!!

-by (Apr. 8, 2015)

Unfair taxation

I have been purchasing trail mix from Family Dollar for quite some time now. I just realized that I am being taxed on these purchases. I just found an Information Bulletin #29 (February 2012) from the State of Indiana, Dept. of Revenue, that states that trail mix is a non-taxable food item. Please tell me why this is happening. Sincerely, Melinda Stine

-by (Jan. 24, 2015)

halloween candy

Purchased candy from store 01235 on Oct 31 .Went to exchange with receipt for purchase of five dollars per bag but store manager stated only refunding 50 cent per bag. Called cooperate and spoke with Shamika who called store and reminded them of return policy.Thank you again for your help.

-by (Nov. 13, 2014)

Five dollars off, but not today

The FD stores in Mountainair and Estancia NM issued a 5 dollar off coupon to all customers with a 25 dollar purchase last Saturday. People ended up at the register with 25+ purchases, and the coupon reader wasn't working (in either store). Really? This is a form of fraud, and FD is guilty, unless a credit is issued to ALL customers from those two stores who satisfied the coupon, yet didn't recieve the 5 dollars off because "the coupon reader" was down. No, no, no. You cannot do that, Family Dollar. That is truly fraud and a form of theft. Make it right, or be guilty.

-by (Oct. 27, 2014)

dollar tree take over

The Family Dollar on Harper & Chalmers located in Detroit, MI has the worst staff I have ever had the displeasure of dealing with. Rude attitudes of cashiers and managers are unbelievable. I would love to see Dollar Tree take over this store

-by (Sep. 12, 2014)

General overall customer service

The Family Dollar in Philadelphia Pa. is just a horrible place to shop. The lines are long and the seconds cash register has been broken for months now. They never have bags and you have to take your items home in trash bags. The oh well attitude of the employees doesn't help. They are asking me for ID for cigarettes and I am 53 years old. Family Dollar does not value it's customers. It is not all Family Dollars just the one in my "urban neighborhood". We need to be shown some respect.while spending our money. Not so much as a sorry for your inconvenience. I will start a boycott of this Family Dollar until we are treated as valued customers Nancy L. Easter

-by (Jul. 24, 2014)


this store asst. mang. was very rude i shop here all the time her name was stact

-by (Jul. 3, 2014)

Lack of help

There is a store in Berlin, MD that never has more than 1 person working on Saturdays. My Mother and I go to this store every Saturday. I heard the clerk that was working this Saturday say that another clerk would be coming in at 3:00 PM. He was handling the register, putting stock up and anything else. I think they need more than 1 person on at a time. We are usually there between 10 AM & 11 AM. This is a really good store = just needs an extra person on.

-by (Nov. 18, 2013)

baby and toddler clothes

I loved shopping for baby and toddler clothes in the past, but to my dismay...there are hardly any to choose from this past week...why? The line of inexpensive clothes were so cute and well made, I used them for gifts for all of the new babies for family and friends...this is the New Hope, Mn. store.

-by (Oct. 16, 2013)

family dollar on kenazo in horizon

Family dollar on kenazo in horizon needs the undercover boss to re-evaluate there personnel. This store has the rudest customer service beginning with there managers. There very disrespectful,always have long waiting lines not to mention it is always very trashy inside the store.

-by (Oct. 15, 2013)


While canning beans today I went to get Jar lids.They was out of stock.I know many people in my area there beans are not on yet. With tomato season around the corner can you please order some lids? People are just getting started.They will sell.Most places are out. Thank you.

-by (Jul. 11, 2013)


Lots of Brands in this store for it to be a dollar store. Love getting my cleaning supplies from here.

-by (Jun. 11, 2013)

the dirties store

I am so dissapointed in the store in my neigborhood it looks like it is opperating out of a third world country at the door trash always, the floors have not been mopped since Katrina, no shooping carts because the store it self has three or sometimes more carts full of products go figure? my question is WHY???????

-by (Apr. 16, 2013)


I was shopping for razors when the manager pointed one that had a great sales price. As I was walking to my car, the total I'd paid wasn't making sense. I went back into the store and politely questioned the manager. Even though I'd purchased the sale item, I'd been charged the regular price. Thank goodness I checked my receipt. I will never trust this store again. Shoppers trust the electronic scanners to charge the SALES price on items with sale banner signs. We trust stores won't rip us off. Criminal stores make BIG BUCKS when they charge the regular price on sale items. I no longer shop at this store.

-by (Apr. 15, 2013)
Report buy ciggarettes

I would like to know for what reason do you need to enter my birthday to buy a pack of cigarettes when i proved im of age & what data base does it go to ?

-by (Apr. 12, 2013)

ONLy person who has customer service

im a regular at family dollar in davenport location i think its sad how there only one worker who has great customer service she the only one who says hi checks on her customer not rude and she new to the store you should really considering hiring more people like her think her name debbie

-by (Apr. 1, 2013)

Bad Store

I live in Galveston Texas we have 3 stores here. I go to the one close to my house just about everyday. It,s on 22 & Broadway. They always have a long line & only one register going all the time even when theres a lot of people waiting & waiting. But yesterday was really really BAD. I went in to buy my paper products the line was super long & there was sooooo much boxes on floor that I couldn,t get thru. Then I went to another lane & more boxes so I moved them to get thru & all the stuff that was on self fell to the floor. It was awful. Then go to pay & had to wait in line about 15 mins. So sad.

-by (Mar. 16, 2013)

Moss Street Lafayette La

The store manager at that store is very rude. He is alway on the phone when I visit or his family is visiting all the time. He leave is cashier alone and go to his office with his boyfriend. No help on the front end.

-by (Mar. 8, 2013)

Rude Elmployees And managers

I shop very frequently at the #02957 Family Dollar located in Grants NM. The employees are so rude to the customers. there could be three cashiers behind the register and they do not wait on you until they are done talking about the customer that just did business with them. Tey are ALL very unprofessional ant their supervisor/manager is the worst. She is rude and embarasses the customers with her comments. This store is ran Very Poorly and needs attention from a higher source. The only reason I go there is because it is so close to where I live, but my husband and other family and friends have stopped going because of their low class attitude

-by (Nov. 27, 2012)