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Phone Number:(561) 575-2345

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Score 1.6
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Reviews For Sonnys BBQ Customer Service (3)

Avoid eating here get out of business

Terrible my Dog would not eat it

-by (Mar. 3, 2015)

Same Old "OLD" Baked Potatoe

Its been a few months since we purchased dinners from the drive thru in Clermont. With in months after this branch opened. We would always get old bake potaoes via the drive thru. inside they give you the fresh ones.So last week we decided to give Sonny's another try after all it had been months since we purchased dinner there, surely the would have got their act together and we woud not get a old old baked potaoe. Wrong. I am planing on posting a photo of our dinner box and on my face book. I just decided tonite, that I would let customer Service know what Clermont Customers get at the drive thru.

-by (Aug. 27, 2013)

Bad Food & Bad Service

It has been 4 years since I last patronized the Sonny's BBQ on US 98 North in Lakeland, Florida. After yesterday's experience I have put an "X" on the door. Simple drive-up order, 2 Big Deal Combos to go. Paid and received drinks at 5:38 p.m., receipt #40044. Finally received food at 5:58 p.m. While waiting at window observed carry outs for the 2 vehicles behind me waiting on the counter, total chaos in the kitchen and even 2 employees spitting in garbage can adjacent to food prep area! Sliced pork sandwich had 4 slices of meat, very fatty. When I asked the girl at the window what was going on, she said "sorry about the wait, we are busy" when the parking lot was maybe 1/2 full! Being a native Lakelander I assure you that you will receive all of the free advertisement you don't want!!!! That is why we have been traveling a half hour away to Zephyrhills for Sonny's for the past 4 years and will continue!!!! Night and day difference!

-by (Apr. 14, 2013)