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Customer Service

Comcast has no idea what the term customer service means. They are impossible to reach and are totally incompetent when you do reach them. Gonna cancel and get hold of direct T.V. tommorow--bye bye assholes.

-by (Jul. 22, 2013)


is there a rating choice less than negative for the ability to contact and for service...?

-by (Jul. 15, 2013)

The worst service EVER!!!!!

My husband has called Comcast with issues for weeks. They can't fix our problems with Internet. The reps are all incompetent! Something needs to be done about all the crap they put people through.

-by (Jul. 7, 2013)

Aweful Customer Service

Terrible, Terrible Terrible. I should have never gotten the triple play - should of stayed with VERIZON!!!!!

-by (Jul. 2, 2013)

Abominable service

The telephone kept me going in a loop because my phone number wasn't recognized. When I finally reached a person, he reconnected me to the phone system that did not recognize my phone number. I spent 90 minutes trying to pay my bill. AWFUL!

-by (Jun. 25, 2013)


Had an apt today because I have no phone service, only voice messages are getting through to my computer. I explained that I would NOT be able to answer the phone when they called to 'confirm' the apt because I HAVE NO PHONE SERVICE and no cell phone so the scheduler placed a note to dispatch that I cannot confirm the apt. so JUST GO. I also explained that I have a disabled person in my home and it is important they show up. Got up this morning (supposed to have them here between 8-10) and there were 3 messages in my voice mail box on the computer saying "we have attempted to call you 3 times with no answer therefore your appointment has been cancelled" DUH, what kind of service does this.......have called the corporate offices and we will see if they have any better luck with dispatch since I can't get beyond phone answers of whom 3 hung up on me because they could not answer my question. I am definitely going to look for other service....this is just unacceptable!!!!!

-by (Jun. 21, 2013)


I am a AV integrator and needed dimensions for a TV Box for 33009 area so I can give this information to the designers to built a wall unit. After 35 min in the phone and speaking to 4 different people, COMCAST is not allow to give me this info without an open account. I explained that the apartment is still empty and that the owner is not in the USA. After all this... they can not provide me witha STUPID request... I guest that the dimensions of the TV box is a national security issue... or may be DirecTV cannot get this info... What a lousy service... what a lousy company!

-by (Jun. 20, 2013)

DVR box went dead

Box just went dark one evening... rebooting by cutting power didn't work. Went to replace the box & remote at our local Comcast store that's run by evil little angry witches but I wasn't on the account, only my wife, so I was turned away. I called customer service, spoke to a CSR out of the Texas call center. He explained why the witches turned me away, promptly added me as an authorized user on the account and I was able to get a replacement DVR w/remote on the spot. Blame the Comcast bureaucracy BS! Sometimes it's not the people.

-by (Jun. 14, 2013)


I have experienced some of the same comments posted in these reviews. I can say with some certainty that there are some very talented, competent people that are employed by Comcast. Except for the lack of customer service when calling in about a problem my most recent experience with the technical employees have been excellent and resloved my issues to my satisfaction.

-by (Jun. 13, 2013)


I have been trying to call them to tell them to adjust my bill for a week. They keep trying to charge me for my equipment that they made me go out and buy!! I talked to someone 2 months ago, thought it was taken care of but nooooo. Now all I get is they are having "technical difficulty" and no one can answer a phone!! Just a remote voice, no live person to talk to!! Direct TV is sounding better and better. I can't even discontinue my service with them, no one answers the phone!!

-by (Jun. 7, 2013)

Slow Phone Response

I've called at 10 am, 10 pm and even 3am once and you're always told that all customer reps are busy and to hold. Bull! Hire more people! When I DO get someone, I've had good experiences with resolving issues and very friendly reps. Now, if I could just stop my bill from creeping higher and higher all the time....

-by (Jun. 6, 2013)

Update Comcast

Comcast is very slow. Takes forever just to get a hold of someone. Some times they lie about the channels. They say one thing is on and when you turn it to that channel something else is playing.

-by (Jun. 3, 2013)


Comcast has the absolute worst customer service I have ever experienced. We signed up for triple play - tv, Internet and voice three weeks ago. They installed the tv and Internet within 3 days. However, we were lied to by 3 different customer service reps that the premier pkg. included World Fishing Network in our area. We cancelled the tv but the can't seem to show this in their records. Voice is still not set up as promised. Bad bad bad service. FCC should fine this company.

-by (May. 25, 2013)

Pathetic Customer Service

They train everyone to pass the buck. No one will take responsibility for disgruntled customers. Cannot find an address where I can go in person to discuss how terribly they treat their customers.

Hello, Dish Network!.

-by (May. 14, 2013)

worst customer service ever

Comcast customer service is horrible. Thank goodness U-verse is now available in my area.

-by (May. 10, 2013)

Customer Service

Contreras, Julio in the Yuba City CA office rocks.. He was EXCELLANT. Felt like the good folks never get recognized. Really was helpful.

-by (May. 9, 2013)


How does this company remain in business??? Ditto to all the previous honest/correct reviews for the most non existent customer service on the planet. Even trying to work on the internet (and thus avoid a telephone call) to resolve an issue or find info is impossible. Watch out if a service tech comes to your home. You may have to call in another AV company to come and straighten out the Comcast tech messes!!!!

-by (May. 1, 2013)

What customer service

P.S. forgot to mention tryin to talk to someone is virtually impossible. You go through all these number mazes and more mazes and more mazes. There's no mention to hit a certain number if needing to talk with A PERSON FROM CUSTOMER SERVICE. You just keep hitting buttons. I finally started hitting buttons that dealt with technical support just to get a live person to talk with. They hooked me up with a live customer service person. FINALLY! I won't even get started on international employees. Because, just for example: one can hardly understand them, and just tonight, I only wanted a simple copy re: the channel line-up. I was on hold 25 min out of 30. Didn't understand her, and the end results: they weren't set up to mail any thing thing to the U.S.A.

-by (Apr. 24, 2013)


I couldn't add one more word that would be printable. These people have said it all. I'ts a little comforting knowing it's not just me going through all this crap. Thank all of you who mentiond lying. They are liars. They never go back and refund you or say they can't when they've misled you. We all need to call the FCC. Wonder what the brass thinks of all these negative comments. How can they not see their services suck. It's the worst I've ever delt with. I've never talked with ONE person who has Comcast and is pleased with them. Just mentioning the word COMCAST starts nothin but negative remarks and you find out that you're not the only one they've lied to. Comcast repeats the same lies regarding your plan. It's always you that didn't understand why you don't get the pkg for a reasonable price. "You didn't send back a letter agreeing to the pkg deal". No mention of sendin you a form u needed to fill out and return. Heard this exact same LIE from others. Cannot believe the CEO & higher-ups don't correct this problem with customer service. The worst ever! Did you read all the comments before mine? I would hate to work for your company.

-by (Apr. 24, 2013)


Ever sense before i moved into my apartment i have been told nothing but lie after lie. Was told by a man that i could get 180 channels with all the movie channels plus internet for 50a month. Then call the guy who as the contract with the apartment community my son and i are living in. He says he can get us cable tv for 50 with channels we watch and HBO for free for 6 months. He got us channels we watch but cant stand and surprise surprise no HBO. When i called about the HBO he said oh no thats if you want to pay for it. Then they charged me 5.99 extra for paying my bill over the phone and supposedly taken the fee off, lie again. Then got charged 8 extra for paying my bill late when i paid on time. Talked to a guy online about all of this and told him how I felt. He said he would have to transfer me to a different department, after i said he ave them call me he left the conversation. I called today and talked to a man who spoke english, but thought he was almighty. He told me my bill was due on the 9 and i paid on the 15 and i was 10 days late. When i called him out on that he then said my bill was do on the 4 and that I was late. When he told me i was confused i told him i wasn't confused and to stop telling me that when he is the one that screwed up and w and was confused. Then i said i wanted to speak with his boss. Then he put me on hold for 10 mins. Called back. the same guy answers and wants to get my info all over again. when i asked if this was the same person he said yes. Then why do you need my info again. I told him I wanted to speak to his boss and he said i need to disscus it with him and he will be on the line. No you wont i will just go into a store and deal with this in person and then hung up. THIS COMPANY IS A PIECE OF CRAP AND WILL NOT TELL ANYONE ABOUT THEM. WILL ONLY TELL THEM ABOUT THE LAW SUIT THAT THEY HAVE GOING ON.

-by (Apr. 17, 2013)