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1 Review
2009 Electric Rd,
Roanoke VA 24018 Phone Number: (540) 772-1311
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Sprint - Roanoke has 1 reviews


I was told that I would be notified if I went over my 450 whatever they are called minutes. I have not been notified. I received a text, phone call and beeps constantly that I owe an astronomical amount of money other than my regular bill which has already been paid. No NOTIFICATION of over limit. How come? All my records show Paid in full, however now they say I am being frustrated with the service I am receiving. I would like to know, since Sprint said totally opposite, I am now on the phone if this is not reconciled I will be leaving Sprint. Sprint said Nationwide is not on my plan! That I do not have unlimited coverage for calls and everything I thought I had I do not have. I would like either Marvin or Doug Martin to call me to rectify my understanding - There is no reason for these charges to be on my bill. If neither of these people can call me I would like a supervisor.

-by (07, February, 2013)