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Social Security Office

4 Reviews
8581 Folsom Blvd Ste A,
Sacramento CA 95826 Phone Number: (800) 772-1213
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Social Security Office - Sacramento has 4 reviews

What Do i have to do in order to get my money back do i need to hurt myself or what?

Do the Social Security Office have any type of clue that GA and Foodstamps aint enough to get by own its not even much to rent me my own home GA & Foodstamps is giving to me while my social security benefits is pending than what i am suppose to do if i dont get approved ? At the age of 32 without no support from family or friends nothing is to be expected but to be homeless and talked about.please help dont want to be nobody elses bunky

-by (04, November, 2013)

Learning Disability

I had forgot to mention that i had caught a case back in 2005, which i had to call and get my ssi cut off and i just got out for Jan 16,2012 after doing 7 long hard years. I didnt go behind a drug case but for awadw i take two pshy meds and im cutternly on paper work is there anybody that can give me any type of help on getting my big $ back. Thanks please help a sista in need.

-by (04, November, 2013)


the lady i delt with at the card center was so so so nice, but the security guards were not only giant duchebags to me and my wife, but didn't even do their job correctly. i walked right through the metal detector and into the waiting area having totally forgot about the 8 inch combat knife in my boot.

-by (29, April, 2013)

Excellent experience.

This place is clean and everyone is very nice and treats you with respect and dignity. Thanks to everyone who helped us.

-by (14, March, 2013)