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Review for: FedEx in Pittsfield, MA

Telephone is not to Pittsfied

Hours not posted. Telephone is to FEDEX. Why not allow Pittsfield to answer when they post "fluctuate hours?"

-by (18, July, 2015)

Review for: FedEx in Irondale, AL


absolutely horrible service they put my furniture on the wrong truck and it was promised at a certain time nobody will call you back, respond or help..very incompetent

-by (04, February, 2015)

Review for: FedEx in Oak Lawn, IL


Always great service and very helpful

-by (06, December, 2014)

Review for: FedEx in Pacheco, CA

Excellent Service

I had a couple of packages that weren't picked up by my normal pickup service so I took them to this location and the lady made sure that the First Overnight package made it out, and the Ground package made it out. She gave it to the FedEx Home Delivery guy who was going to Fairfield, the FedEx ground main location for the area.

-by (18, November, 2014)

Review for: FedEx in Avondale, AZ

Awesome banner

Need a banner the will bring the customers in, go see these guys. It was easy and traffic has increased

-by (06, October, 2014)

Review for: FedEx in West Hatfield, MA

Another Wasted Day

So I missed a delivery.No biggie. Some people just don't sit home all day waiting for deliveries and have to work. So I called and requested the time frame the next delivery would be attempted. It was not stated on the slip. Sat between 8-10:00am I was informed from FEDEX. Well it's a shame, schedules can't be more promising. Can't blame the Drivers. Another example of Customer Service failure.

-by (14, June, 2014)

Review for: FedEx in Pharr, TX

Bad Service

Overnight shipment gets here in 2 days and driver passed by house and didn't even stop and didn't bother to check, pure laziness!!!

-by (18, March, 2014)

Review for: FedEx in Horseheads, NY

Delivery Excuses

FedEx needs more customer service and less making up excuses for service failures.

-by (06, March, 2014)

Review for: FedEx in Nashville, TN

delivery failure

2/13/14, the incompetent delivery man knocked ? on my front door which they've not used before and I'm waiting at the back door for the package. It looks to me like the driver would attempt going to the back door also for customer convenience.

-by (13, February, 2014)