Jos. A. Bank Cincinnati OH

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Jos. A. Bank

1 Review
7565 Kenwood Road,
Cincinnati OH 45236-2835 Phone Number: (513) 984-5530
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  1. Mon. 10:00am - 9:00pm
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Jos. A. Bank - Cincinnati has 1 reviews


I'm a retired Marine living in North Carolina; I bought my first suit from Jos. A. Bank in Wilmington, NC. Last year. The people were great and even better service. Recently I came home to Cincinnati for the holidays and decided to take advantage of the buy 1 get 3 free sale in the Kenwood store just down the road from my grandmother in Blue Ash. I grew up in Blue Ash and I’m very proud of my city, I still call it home after 30 years of service in the Marine Corps. The first thing I noticed about the location was no one greeted me when I walked in. The store was not terribly busy, there were certainly more sales people then there were customers. I spent about 15 minutes in the store as sales people walked by me and just gave me a uneasy look as if they didn’t want to ask me if I needed help. Finally a young man came over and asked me if I had been helped and inside of 10 minutes I picked out 4 suits and was at the counter ready for check out. I got a rushed feeling when we got to the checkout counter, he just rang me up and stuffed my 2 suits in a bag while the other 2 suits fell on the floor and another sales person came along and picked them up. The lack of people skills disturbed me because not one time was I asked was there anything else I needed. I was discouraged from using the alterations in the store and I was told to take my suits to any other Jos A Bank store for alterations. I found the experience very disappointing because I expect better from people in Cincinnati. I don’t even remember being thanked for my purchase today and I spent $1060.00, now that may not be a lot of money for Jos A Banks but I’m sure Margolis or the Men’s warehouse would greatly appreciate it. I could have easily spent another $1000.00 in shirts and other accessories that I wanted to get but felt I needed to leave that location. I spent the better part of my life in the service of our country as a Marine, but your people will never know that nor would they have known if I was a secret shopper because they never took the time to even ask me what was I looking for, let alone a casual conversation. I took the initiative and picked the suits myself and by this time I knew it was time for me to leave this store before I read every employee in there the riot act. I’m an easy going guy but disrespect will lose me as a customer, ask Wal-Mart. I stopped shopping there over 20 years ago because of rude service. I will not punish the Wilmington, NC location for the actions of your unprofessional staff in Kenwood, but I will tell everyone I know in this small city how this Marine was treated while I was home in your store.

Harold Rowland 1stSgt U.S. Marines Ret.

-by (28, December, 2012)