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IRS Office

4 Reviews
8626 Tesoro Drive,
San Antonio TX 78217 Phone Number: (210) 841-2090
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IRS Office - San Antonio has 4 reviews

IRS Blah

Not just this office but the whole system is of no help. On the IRS website they dont even have phone numbers or e-mails to contact them. My tax return has been filed since February and I still havent got my return yet. Im pissed.

-by (19, April, 2015)

IRS Office

That IRS office is a joke. They can never help, all they direct you to do is to call the federal office. I could have figured that out all on my own. What good are they and what purpose do they serve? An automated service would be just as good and save San Antonio a hell of a lot of money.

-by (14, March, 2015)

Tax forms & service

I found most forms but the most important general instruction booklets were all gone. The staff needs to stock up and have a huge amount of these available. Overall my experience was good.

-by (23, January, 2014)

Concerned tax payer

This office is ridculous all windows/cubicles are empty other than the employee while the waiting area is full with a 2-3 hr wait. Where/who is the one in charge of this office???? Maybe this needs to be taken up higher than just a so call supervisor!!!

-by (11, April, 2013)