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2 Reviews
2743 Perimeter Pkwy.,
Augusta GA 30909 Phone Number: (706) 868-1374
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IRS Office - Augusta has 2 reviews

Long wait

This office is one of the slowest and most uncourtious places in the world. I got there at 10:30 one day and waited until 3:30. People that had appointments were waiting just as long. Almost 2 hours went by with out them calling a single person. I know people have lunch breaks, but 2 hours?....really??? I get 30 minutes and we take shifts so people can still be helped. You are not allowed to have water or snacks in there but, are expected to wait for 5 plus hours. After we got back there the lady that helped us was very helpful and nice, but the lady that works the front desk needs a complete attitude adjustment. She didn't get an attitude with me, but I heard her being rude to other people that didn't deserve it.

-by (15, July, 2013)

Very Organized people!

I filed Income Tax at the IRS in Plantation, FL for the past 5 years. People in those places are very courteous and knowledgeable. Their services are very organized as you can go by appointment - which you do not have to wait - or on the first-come first-served basis but people do not have to wait for too long. This time I will be going to the Perimeter Pkwy office. Before I used the IRS office, I always had to pay $40.00 even though I did not have to pay Income Tax.

-by (11, February, 2013)