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Phone Number:(972) 745-4200

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Score 1.5
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I just think that you guys need to catch up with the times. Everything is pretty much done on your phone now. And when you sign up for emails and they send u a coupon you should be able to use it without having to run home and print it. Its about conveinence for the customer.I was very disappointed to not have been able to use my back to school coupon because the" owner likes to keep track of coupons being used" I guess. But don't worry he wont have to keep track if any from me cause I wont be returning . I don't have a computer at home nor will I be running all over town trying to print a piece of paper when all you need is the code off of it, and for the most part sometimes its spur of the moment to go eat while your out shopping

-by (Sep. 7, 2013)