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Phone Number:(303) 595-4000

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Chipotle - Dayton 1211 Brown St., Dayton OH 45409

Chipotle - Dayton 1211 Brown St., Dayton OH 45409 ...... 30 minutes to get to order. Worse service ever. 5 on the line. Zero in a hurry. Numerous times, one would leave the line to fill their cup with soda. Staff with gloves on, touching their face, picking up trash on the floor. An employee on the phone. An over all joke when it comes to food service.

-by (Apr. 10, 2014)


The Maumee Ohio Chipotle the chicken was fatty in the chicken bowl and the chips were chewy and greasy, not crunchy. Will not return to this location ever again.

-by (Feb. 1, 2014)

Huntsville AL service

I have in the past enjoyed lunch at Chipotle But today service wasn't as good. The unsweet tea was Awful,tasted sour, told the server and she said Ohhhh Ok and that was it. And I do love Unsweet Tea soooo this visit was not pleasant.

-by (Jan. 28, 2014)

Bad Chicken or Something Else

I eat at chipotles grill a least four times a week. This past Friday 1/17/2014 I had a terrible experience. I bought my regular chicken salad to-go. I took two bites of chicken and spit it out and through it out.. The chicken was black, slimy and fatty. I don't no if I was really eating chicken or another animal. I hope I can set this horrible feeling aside in the near future and return to Chipotle.

-by (Jan. 21, 2014)

Chipotle service

horrible service 83rd ave/ bell rd peoria,az

-by (Oct. 31, 2013)

Ruined our local Chipotle with remodeling. Looks like crap now. All the nice comfortable seating home. Manager not there, and corporate doesn't take phone calls . The food quality has gone down a little bit too. How out of touch with customers can they be?

-by (Oct. 10, 2013)

Poor customer Service

The Chipotle in Arlington, VA of Pentagon City have poor customer service. The employees are very very rude. The portions are undersized fof what I pay money for. The GM seemed careless when I mafe a complaint about the services I received. I recommend someone over top of the GM to overview the Chipotle of Pentagon City.

-by (Oct. 10, 2013)

Worst Customer Service Ever

I was a regular customer there would go 4-5 times a week there since i work close by.. When you go to order you food the staff is rude like they do not want to be there but have no other choice. The music is so loud when you are ordering you food you literately have to yell, top it off when you the ask for extra rice or something they ignore your request and are super stingy when putting even the little that you get. They charge for the extra stuff if they do give you any which is not even half a scoop, might as well get another bowl since they charge half the price for extras. I will not be going there again, and i would recommend to others to take their money else where, where they will get the service they deserve and the food will be well worth their money!

-by (Sep. 26, 2013)

No response to customer complaint's

No phone number to call with customer complaint. Manager's in store did not respond to phone calls regarding complaint, & would not return phone calls.

-by (Sep. 8, 2013)


Love the food so much, and healthy for u paced and customer service with a quick smile.....Minneapolis,MN.

-by (Jul. 23, 2013)