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Phone Number:1 (630) 879-8100

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Score 2.4
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everything is priced well, food great, I just want to be able to buy the chocolate rice snacks and my store hardly has them. They are much better tasting than the Quacker's

-by (Jan. 12, 2015)

Phone Number

The phone number should be listed on the receipt

-by (Jan. 10, 2015)

not too happy customer

Cashiers go too fast and are often charging for more items than you have, a lot of mistakes are happening t his way. I advise shoppers to ask the cashier to slow the heck down so you don't get overcharged! They don't give a phone number to call and complain at the store where it happened, so check your receipts before you leave the store people!

-by (Dec. 6, 2014)


we picked up our groceries but was not given receipt as we had gotten several marked down items wanted to call to make sure what we were charged. very disappointed in this will wait until tomorrow to make a 20 mile trip to rectify this Bet this wont be posted. It does not seem to just be the Dunkirk store this is a policy but the only @ given has a fax whirr all of the time.

-by (Dec. 2, 2014)

Unhappy customer

no phone #. Our Uncle lost his keys and we could not find a phone # for Aldi's in Topeka. He is 90 years old, so therefore we were trying to help him and I think you should make a phone # to every Aldi's available to your customers. Surely you have a Supervisor at each store that could handle a phone call or two to that particular store!

-by (Dec. 1, 2014)


I love the location and the food prices are awesome and their checkers are very kind I just don't like one thing and that is buying your own bags.

-by (Nov. 19, 2014)

job application

Was wondering about job application? Did anyone review? ? I was never emailed or called n local store has no phone # ?? Centralia il 62801

-by (Oct. 6, 2014)

Kernersville Store is great

Reading some of the comments below and find there are so many negative comments. I have only had 1 pack of ham that was bursted open. I took it back the next day. She gave me my money back and another pack of ham. I thought this was more than fair! I really appreciate Aldi's clean store over in Kernersville, NC. My shopping experience has been very good overall.

-by (Oct. 3, 2014)

No phone number thats just plain LAME

I was over charged for clearance item suppose to be 99 cent was charged 2.89 and I bought 3. This is so annoying cant call the store so they can look at the tag and know I am right to get my refund without having to go the same day. They are always busy there so this is gonna be a pain in the butt to say the least. LAME!!!

-by (Aug. 14, 2014)

Missing a phone

I bought a water filtration pitcher which was a great deal but they are no good without a filter. The store near me does not have any and i was told they wont be restocking them. I want to call the other stores but they wont post numbers so i am faces with having to drive to every store in the hope that they still have filters. They want my money but don't want to be bothered answering the phone.

-by (Aug. 10, 2014)

Bad Meat, no weekend service, 40 min drive to go back to store

We just opened a rack of ribs that was rotten. there were 3 days left to the sell by date. We are unable to contact the store just to tell them they may not want to continue selling that item. If I knew this was a problem and the store could have know and prevented other from possibly getting ill I would be very angry!!!!!

-by (Jul. 26, 2014)

no call number

very odd no store number

-by (May. 28, 2014)

tortilla chips

I think its sad that you dont hav a number to call for issues. I brough tortilla chips from your store and they were full of grease in the bag.. I could not call the store to report it. Dont know if there is something wrong whit them,could not call the store to check what you have on your shehf , it could be a matter of life or death...this is not a good policy...

-by (May. 21, 2014)


Was wondering if I have been selected for a job in Moore, OK location?

-by (Apr. 22, 2014)

Apply for job

I applied for a job at the Aldi in Moore, OK and was wondering if anyone has looked at my application?

-by (Apr. 22, 2014)

No local phone

Horrible policy not having a local number. I purchased some bad lobster from the store and just simply wanted to call ahead of time. I will go in and deal with the staff while they are busy. Im sure they would have appreciated a heads up prior to me coming in with a complaint that im going to give in front of other customers that are in line!

-by (Mar. 5, 2014)

Lost reciept/return

I went to he aldi's on 117th and burleigh. I had bought a knife set, but was given a nicer one. I took it back, had no receipt. The clerk was so nice about it and just gave me my money back. She'd remembered me from the day before. It seem so many places I shop customer service doesn't exist because employees act like they have no vested interest in you coming back. At Aldi's I always feel like they like working there and they like me shopping there.

-by (Feb. 17, 2014)


great service

-by (Feb. 13, 2014)

Food poisoning from aldis

Got food poisoning yesterday from the onion rings. I will be taking my son to the er today because he won't stop vomiting and I have agonizing stomach cramps. Saving a few bucks isn't worth this.

-by (Jan. 25, 2014)


I drove about 20 miles to local Aldi .When I got home found I had been overchargegd.ibegan to look for phone number could not find one had to drive back to resolve issue BIG SAVING THAT WAS

-by (Jan. 21, 2014)